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March 2001
This is a major release of the PMIP database, with tags R0 and PMIP2001a.

The PMIP database was imported in a CVS repository and only very minor changes were made. This release is therefore essentially the PMIP database as it has been since the end of 1999.
Note that the ASCII part of the database has been definitively removed (after making sure that it was consistent with the binary part of the database).

The following changes were made :
  • The *_README files were renamed with a "txt" extension (*_README.txt) to make it easier to view them on non UNIX computers.
  • The sftbyrgn files were removed from the base, because there was a small consistency problem between the ASCII and the binary version. They will soon be back in the database.
  • A few binary variables had to be corrected, because they were either underflawed or overflawed. We mean by that that some of their values were smaller than the smallest value that a REAL*4 can store (~1e-38) but could still be stored in XDR format in the binary files and were replaced by 0.0, and some of their values were too big (larger than ~1e+38) and were replaced by a 1e+38.
    • Underflawed variables :,
    • Overflawed variables :,

March 2001
All the ugamp runs were updated : 0fix, 6fix, 21fix, 0cal, 21cal.

Longer runs and improved calendar were used, post-processing errors were corrected.

March 2001
The bmrc runs were corrected/updated : 0fix and 6fix.

A new version of the model was used (improved resolution).

March 2001
New bmrc runs were added to the database : 21fix and the associated 0fix control run.

The new 21fix run was made with a new version of the model (but with the same resolution as the 0fix and 6fix runs in the R03-2001c release), which made it necessary to make a new control run. These two runs are associated with the BMRC2 model name (did you notice the number 2 at the end of the name?).

November 2003
All the PMIP variables are now available from the anonymous ftp site.

We will try to check them (quality control) again when we will process the new incoming variables for PMIP 2.

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