Documentation of the PMIP models (Bonfils et al. 1998)

Summary Reports (from AMIP documentation Phillips 1994)

In this section, some 30 properties are described for each PMIP model. The level of detail of the information is intermediate between that of an outline and a comprehensive documentation of model features. Thus, the intent is to qualitatively summarize the essence of the principal features of a model, rather than to fully elaborate the quantitative details of the algorithms and parameterizations. The latter may be found by examining the documentation cited in the feature descriptions (see the references within each model description, or the comprehensive bibliography. The PMIP representatives also may be consulted for details on model parameterizations, boundary and initial conditions, and computational issues.

 A strength of this summary documentation is that the features of the PMIP models are elaborated with respect to a common set of categories. These are:

Although not an exhaustive accounting of model features, these categories provide a framework for a reasonably comprehensive description of the numerics, dynamics, and physics of the PMIP models. It is acknowledged, however, that such a schema may convey the false impression that model features which are nonlinearly interconnected are to be viewed as independent entities. In a given feature summary, therefore, the interdependence of model properties is made explicit by directing the reader to examine the descriptions of related features (e.g., by referring to the description of cloud formation in the summary of atmospheric radiation, etc.). Hypertext links are provided to facilitate this cross referencing.

 The model feature summary reports follow in the alphabetical order of the PMIP group acronyms.

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