The PMIP song : "After PMIP"

To the tune of the "Volcano Song" by Jimmy Buffet
Lyrics by Karl Taylor, Tony Broccoli, Lisa Sloan and friends
Composed in Collonges-la-Rouge, France, October 5th 1995


Think I'll fly down to some tropical Island
Lie out on the beach where the sky is blue
Drop into a bar and get drunk on tequila
Maybe get lucky with a woman or two.

What ya gonna do?
What ya gonna do?
What ya gonna do, I'm askin' you
when PMIP is through?

Why do we bother with climate models,
Levels of lakes and pollen from trees?
Just go out and buy a rain gauge
Sip some wine and life's a breeze.

Dont' wanna hear about orbital forcing
Don't wanna hear about SSTs
Give me an ocean that don't need q-flux
I'll take a cruise on tropical seas.

Don't wana hear about ice sheet balance
Can't stand hearin' of viscosity
Wet monsoons just leave me thirsty
Talk about Biome pomposity.

Geese in France ain't no longer livers
That's why there are no ducks in caves.
Ate so much, can't eat another sliver
Or we'll disappear into tropical waves.

Sylvie will retire to a house on the river,
Karl will sing in forbidden caves.
Once those results we do deliver,
Freedom will come for the PMIP slaves.

As the work of PMIP tapers
As our leisure we refine
Won't be writing big picture papers
Rest instead in the bright sunshine.


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