PMIP Newsletter 4bis


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                                Newsletter N. 4 BIS
                                  26 August  1994


Dear participant,
        Just a brief newsletter to remind you that WE ARE EXPECTING AN
ANSWER TO OUR PMIP QUESTIONNAIRE to be able to update our list of

        This questionnaire was already sent in the newsletter 4 (11 July)
but only few of you answered. I thank them very much. Those who are
concerned by this questionnaire but have not yet answered, please do it as
soon as possible,  BEFORE 1 SEPTEMBER 1994, whenever possible. 

        We need your fast input to help us :

1) prepare the first PMIP workshop about model-model comparisons. 
It seems to be that one year from now might be a reasonable time.

2) know the status of your runs. 
Indeed, John Kutzbach recently  raised questions about the need for a
pre-industrial control run for the simulations using COMPUTED SSTs and 
might have to change slightly our specifications (to be discussed in
newsletter 5 as soon as possible, if we finally decide to change them). 

 Can you please answer the following questions :

---------------- Participation to  PMIP Questionnaire ---------------

What is your group called?

Do you indeed plan to run your model for PMIP ? 

Which member(s) of your group will actively participate?:

Which PMIP experiments will you perform :
                 6 ka BP
                21 ka BP with calculated SSTs
                21 ka BP with prescribed SSTs

When do you expect to complete your simulations ?

Which model will you use and at what resolution? 

Any other comments, especially on the content of the present newsletter?


Contact name and address :

To be sent to paleo (NEW! Please check the PMIP 'Contacts' web page).

------------------------- END -----------------------------------------

                                     Yours sincerely,

                                Sylvie Joussaume (LMCE)
                                Karl Taylor      (PCMDI)

Contact Address:
        Laboratoire de Modelisation du Climat et de l´Environnement
        D.S.M. / Orme des Merisiers / Bat. 709
        C.E. Saclay
        9119 Gif-sur-Yvette cedex

        Tel.:   (33) 1
        Fax.:   (33) 1
        email:  paleo (NEW! Please check the PMIP 'Contacts' web page)


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