The PMIP File Formats


Note: the PMIP file formats were originally defined in Newsletter 6. Click here if you want to learn how to find the files in the database.



The README files

Click here to see examples in the database.

A README file has been provided for each model and simulation, with a name of the form : modelid_run_README.txt

The lines of a README file can be either :

List of the keywords and their related information :

NOTE: The following final two items must appear on comment lines (i.e., lines starting with '#')


The binary files

Click here to see examples in the database. It may also be interesting to look at the tools' links.

The binary files are in auto-documented NetCDF format and were generated from ASCII files submitted by the PMIP participants. The paragraph about text files, below, explains how to make an ASCII dump from a binary file.

Each file contains only one variable. The file names have the following format :


The text files

The original version of the PMIP database provided the data files in both binary and ASCII (text) format, because the PMIP groups had to submit their files in a unified text format. The files are now available only in binary format, to reduce the size of the database (and get rid of potential consistency problems).

If needed, you can easily get a text dump from a NetCDF binary file by using ncdump (from the NetCDF package) or ncks (from the NCO package), on UNIX/Linux machines :

You should also find similar utilities on other platforms here.


Database http access

Please note that these links are only provided as shortcuts from this page to the ftp part of the base. Make sure you also read the database access page!

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