PMIP Frequently Asked Questions


You will find below answers to some common questions about PMIP. Please let us know if you have not found what you were looking for!


How do I get the values of a variable and the related dimensional information?

The PMIP binary files are in auto-documented NetCDF format, and each file has a header that gives, among other things, the grid size, and the values of the coordinates. You should read the paragraphs about the binary and the text files on the database file formats page to learn how to access the data.

You can find NetCDF related tools on the Links web page.

I have clicked on a link and nothing happened...

Most of the the links to other web sites will open in a new window. This window is the same for all the external links. So, if you have already opened such a window and iconified or hidden it, you won't see new information appearing in the window. You have to click on the window to reopen it.

How can I bookmark a specific PMIP page?

Creating a bookmark the usual way will only bookmark the PMIP home page. In order to bookmark a specific page, you first have to open it in a new window (instead of having it displayed in the right frame, as usual), and only then bookmark the page.

To open a page in a new window, select something like Open link in new window by right-clicking on the link instead of clicking on it the usual way (left button).

Once you are on the new page, you can always go back to the PMIP home page by clicking on Home at the bottom of the page.

You can also open the PMIP navigation frame in a small window by clicking here, and all the other PMIP links will appear in a frameless window that you can easily bookmark.

I have found a broken link on the web site, or a variable that seems wrong. What should I do?

This is very unlikely... Well, just kidding! Please send a detailed mail about it to the webmaster.

When will this wonderful site be translated into French?

As soon as possible! :) At least as soon as the site is stable enough so that everything can be translated in one go, and as soon as we can pay somebody to do it!

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