PMIP Workshop Newsletter 2


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                       Workshop letter / No. 2
                              6 June 1995

Dear PMIP workshop participant,

Thanks to all of you for your interest in the PMIP workshop. We send
you both practical and scientific information concerning the workshop
scheduled for 1-6 October 1995 in Collonges la Rouge (France).

Participants will be expected to arrive Sunday, October 1 and depart
after the morning session on Friday, October 6. All participants
receiving travel support are asked to purchase tickets early enough to
obtain a reduced economy fare (usually involving certain restrictions
or penalties). You will receive further travel arrangement specifications
before the end of June. 

To get to Collonges la Rouge you have to fly either to Paris or
Toulouse (France) and then take a train to Brive la Gaillarde which is
the nearest town near Collonges. The train can be taken either from
Paris at the station "Austerlitz" in the center of Paris or from
Toulouse-Matabiau (in the centre of Toulouse). Trains leave
approximately every 3 hours. If you have trouble obtaining information
about the trains, please contact us.

>From the scientific point of view

We have several objectives that with your active participation we hope
to accomplish.  Each participant will be expected to contribute certain
model output, and we will need to carefully structure the workshop to
facilitate interactive and productive discussion. Here we outline our
preliminary ideas concerning the workshop in hopes of provoking you to
provide alternative suggestions and other input and feedback.

The main goals of the workshop are to:

* share results from the PMIP simulations in order to identify common
responses, discover where disagreement among models is large, get an
idea of the range of responses, and identify in individual models any
unusual or extreme responses that might warrant further investigation.

*identify issues of common interest and form subprojects for further

* share methodologies and approaches for analysis and diagnosis of
paleoclimate simulations and propose (or demonstrate) strategies for
intercomparison of model results and comparison of results to

Our tentative plans are to organize the workshop according to time
period (21 ka BP or 6 ka BP).  We plan to schedule two sessions,
separated by a generous break, each morning and afternoon (except
Wednesday, which will be reserved for informal activities).
We want to avoid a "show and tell" workshop and thus expect only a
handful of extended talks such as :

- overviews of past modeling work with emphasis on what  scientific
issues were addressed or raised,
- overviews of the  availability and quality of the paleoclimate data
for the period
- presentations of preliminary attempts to intercompare PMIP model
results, and/or descriptions of specific methodologies or special
diagnostics useful for analyzing results.
During such talks it is hoped that specific PMIP subprojects ideas will
be proposed.

The workshop participants will also divide into working groups which
will address several specific questions and will allow further sharing
of model results (Below is a preliminary list of issues that might
serve to focus discussion in the working groups). One important task of
each working group will be to suggest subprojects which will
subsequently be discussed in a plenary session.

To help discussions and first model-model comparisons, we propose to
gather a standard set of model figures for each model and prepare a
booklet to be distributed at the workshop.  Therefore, WE WILL THEN
31 August 1995. The list of figures and the format will be specified in a
forthcoming newsletter.  The list will at least include classical
diagnostics such as changes in surface air temperature, precipitation,
P-E, sea level pressure, geopotential height at 500 hPa. Please tell us
as soon as possible which other specific diagnostics should be required from
each model.

We may also need to spend some time during the week discussing the
mechanics and ground rules for archiving and sharing data, publishing
or formally presenting PMIP results, and learning about what lessons
AMIP can teach us concerning these things.

Preliminary list of issues

We have begun to compile a list of issues, questions, and areas of
interest concerning each of the PMIP periods, which we hope will focus
the discussion during the PMIP workshop and help in defining
subprojects.  Our preliminary list follows:

6 ka BP experiment:

   *  monsoon-related issues including enhanced summer warming of
      continents, changes in the seasonal cycle of the monsoon, changes in
      the Hadley/Walker circulation
   *  winter time circulation changes
   *  comparisons with paleoclimate data

21 ka BP experiments:

   *  midlatitude northern hemisphere circulation (split jet, change in
      storm tracks, intensification of zonal winds)
   *  SST and seaice response vs. CLIMAP (calculated SST experiment)
   *  polar amplification and tropical sensitivity (calculated SST
   *  monsoon changes
   *  is prescribed glacial ice distribution consistent with
      meteorology (precipitation and temperature) simulated by models?
   *  what are changes in implied ocean heat transport (fixed SST
   *  comparisons with paleoclimate data

Please help us extend or ellaborate on the above.

To summarize, we need from you :


* suggestions for issues to be discussed at the workshop and/or subprojects
and diagnostic strategies that you would like to promote for PMIP

* abstracts before JUNE 30 BUT ONLY concerning :

-  preliminary PMIP intercomparisons of two or more models
- presentations of diagnostic strategy or intercomparison methodology
that you think might be central to one or more subprojects,
- proposals for a specific subproject,


* the standard set of figures as mentioned above (AUGUST 31)

* model output to be contributed to the PMIP DATABASE for model
results, which will be necessary for systematic model-model comparisons

If possible we would like to begin to receive data from your model
simulations at PCMDI in the early  part of the summer to be able to
produce some first model-model comparisons at the workshop.
Requirements concerning data structure and the procedure  to transfer
it to PCMDI will be specified in a newsletter to be distributed soon.

We hope to hear from you soon in answer to the above requests.  The
sooner we receive your input, the easier it will be to reach a
consensus concerning the structure of the workshop.  We believe that
the workshop's success depends largely on your active participation,
both before and during the week of the workshop.  Please do your part.
We are looking forward to your help in making this first PMIP workshop
a success.

Best regards,

Sylvie Joussaume and Karl Taylor

List of participants
PMIP Co-Coordinators:
   S. Joussaume
   K. Taylor
PMIP Advisory Committee:        
  L. Gates
  J. Kutzbach
  J. Mitchell  
  D. Rind                   
  W. Prell 
  C. Prentice 
  A. Street-Perrott  

Data-Model Intercomparison Subcommittee:
   J. Guiot 
   S. Harrison
   P. Bartlein            

NGDC Representative :    
   R. Webb           

Workshop Organizing Committee (LMCE)
   P. Braconnot                    
   G. Ramstein                      
   N. de Noblet                        
   V. Masson                     

PMIP Participants:
   A. Abe-Ouchi         CCSR  
   T. Broccoli          GFDL    
   D. Buwen             UGAMP
   K. Herterich         Bremen U.
   C. Hewitt            UKMO
   S. Hostetler         US Geological Survey
   D. Jolly             Lund U. / Marseille
   A. Kislov            Moscow  Univ.
   A. Kitoh             MRI  
   M. Lautenschlager    MPI 
   M.F Loutre           2-D LLN    
   B. McAvaney          BMRC    
   N. McFarlane         CCC     
   B. Oglesby           CCM1  
   B. Otto-Bliesner     GENESIS II      
   J. Oh                YONU
   D. Pollard           GENESIS II       
   M. Schlesinger       Illinois      
   L. Sloan             GENESIS I       
   J. Syktus            CSIRO   
   P. Valdes            UGAMP 
   M. Verbitsky         Illinois  
Proposals of special diagnoses :
   C. Genthon            LGGE


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