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Database news

The PMIP (aka PMIP1) DB is now available anonymously at LSCE on a DODS/OPeNDAP server.

More information and older news are available on the Database news page...

Other news

04/2007 The URL of the PMIP web site (this web site!) has changed and is now http://pmip.lsce.ipsl.fr.

Note: the PMIP2 and the MOTIF web sites also have the same kind of URL.

The PMIP (aka PMIP1) DB is now available anonymously on a DODS/OPeNDAP server.
12/2003 The PMIP 2 web site has now been online for some time and you should have a look at it! There is a good chance that the PMIP news will now appear on the PMIP 2 web site rather than on this (PMIP 1) site.

All the PMIP variables are now available from the anonymous ftp site. We will try to check them (quality control) again when we will process the new incoming variables for PMIP 2.

The dates of perihelion and aphelion for the 6 kyr BP orbit have been corrected (March and September had to be switched) in the old newsletter 1.
09/04/2002 The PMIP Phase II introductory paper submitted to EOS is now available on-line.

Details about the past Fourth PMIP Workshop (Cambridge, UK, June 22nd to 26th, 2002) can be found in the Events page.

We try a new spam protecting scheme, in the EOS paper references, to reduce the risk of people getting unsolicited emails.
10/11/2001 The main PMIP site is now hosted by LSCE, and mirrored at PCMDI.

A map of the web site is available directly from the menu. It can be used as an alternative way to navigate on the site and create bookmarks (especially by the browsers and robots that do not support frames).

The content of this site has now a standard ICRA label (yes, your kids can safely surf on this site! :-).

The web pages' headers have been updated to improve indexing and searching by web robots, spiders and other automatic crawlers.

... and plenty of other changes/updates.
06/12/2001 You can now find answers to some common questions on the PMIP FAQ page.

Plenty of new links have been added, including paleo data sites, and PMIP related journals.

The publications´ pages have been improved and offer direct links to the online version of the abstracts and the full articles, when available. The references are also available in text mode for easy copy/paste.
The drafts of PMIP articles can now be easily accessed from the web site.

The Overview page has been changed to give access to the online version of the first two extended abstracts from the 1999 workshop (WCRP report).
03/16/2001 The database has been updated and the access is now public!

The database is now stored in a CVS repository and you will soon be able to use tags to specify the release of the database you are interested in.

New WS3 picture by Jian Liu and the score of the PMIP song is now available.
02/2001The web site was cleaned, and the publications' pages were updated
01/2001Web site completely rewritten to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), use new links, support a french translation, show CVS modification date on every page...

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