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Database News

The table below will give you a summary of the database history after the database was stored in a CVS repository, as well as remarks about the base that can't be related to release tags. You can get more details on the tags history page.

04/2007 The PMIP (aka PMIP1) DB is now available anonymously on a DODS/OPeNDAP server and on a simple http server.

More information on the Accessing the database page.
03/15/2001 The access to the PMIP database is now public!

All the PMIP files have been stored in a CVS repository that will be accessible through an anonymous CVS server, when the new PMIP server is online.
A subset of the database is now available on the anonymous ftp server at PCMDI.

The UGAMP and BMRC runs have been updated.

Check the new tags for more details : R0, PMIP2001a, R03-2001a, R03-2001b, R03-2001c, R03-2001d.
12/2003 All the PMIP variables are now available from the anonymous ftp site.

The associated CVS tag is PMIP2003a.

We will try to check them (quality control) again when we will process the new incoming variables for PMIP 2.

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Other News

All the other PMIP related news are available on the What's New? web page.

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